How To Get Refund From Potoba ?

If you prepay for your order at the time of placing on the platform, you shall be entitled to a refund. And also in any of the following circumstances:

  1. At the time of delivery, your order has been tampered or damaged.
  2. Potoba cancels your order due to The location of the delivery is outside their designation delivery zone.
  3. Unable to contact you through phone at the time of confirming the booking order.
Potoba's decision over the refunds are final and binding. Within 1-2 business days, all refund amounts will credit to the customer's account, by the terms that might be stipulated by the bank which has issued the debit/credit card.
    At The Time Of Delivery The Payment You Will Not Be Required To Pay For
  1. If the user receives a wrong order.
  2. If the received order is tampered or damaged by Potoba.
  3. At the time of delivery, if the ordered items are missing.